Reviews for What Is A Girl? What Is A Boy?

What Is A Girl? What Is A Boy? is a simple, straightforward, cut-through-the-garbage explanation of what does––and doesn’t––make a boy or a girl…The photographs set the record straight with humor, intelligence and earthy candor.
—Elizabeth Crow, The New York Times Book Review

I’ve been waiting for a book which speaks to a young child’s natural curiosity about the human body, with simplicity and beauty, without pretension or embarrassment. I’ve been looking for a book which refutes traditional sex roles, but does not preach. I’ve found it in Stephanie Waxman’s book.
—Barbara Karlin, West Coast Review of Books

I have been recommending this timeless book since its original publication in 1976. Thank goodness it is being reissued so a whole new generation will benefit from its unbiased lessons.
—Betsy Brown Braun, Child Development and Behavior Specialist
(Author, Just Tell Me What to Say, You’re Not the Boss of Me)

With What Is A Girl? What Is A Boy? parents can comfortably initiate conversations about bodies, gender and what makes us who we are. This book can be turned to again and again for exploration and understanding. How great that it’s back.
—Tandy Parks, RN, MPH, Parent Educator

My wife and I used What Is A Girl? What Is A Boy? when our young children were dealing with toilet training. Though it doesn't even mention toilet training, in an indirect way it offered reassurance to our kids, which is why I have recommended it to my patients.
—Ron Taffel, Ph.D. (Author, Childhood Unbound, Parenting by Heart)

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