Reviews for Muse in the Classroom

"Stephanie is a Master of the Moment. She seems to intuit what is needed in any given instant in a classroom. Her teaching is an extension of her improvisational art."
—Carl Weintraub, Founder/Artistic Director of We Tell Stories

"Stephanie engineers a creative, guided explosion!"
—Carol Becker, classroom teacher

"This book would be hot for counselors! Absolutely wonderful techniques. I loved, loved, loved it all!"
—Christine Anne Carey, classroom teacher

"I like learning about the art of writing from an artist instead of from an educator. By giving a running dialog on what she's thinking and saying and how the kids are interacting, she succeeds in guiding teachers on how to facilitate response to writing. Stephanie models with concrete examples how to respond to an author's work. She teaches the art of writing through the process of supportive listening. She gives examples of directed writing lessons while upholding the principle of student ownership of their work."
—Eileen McGinty, classroom teacher

"Stephanie brings intelligence, humor, imagination and possibility into the classroom. She creates lesson plans that are both structured and open ended. She is inspired by the present momentócan turn it into art on a dime while inspiring her students to do the same. Stephanie sends her ideas into the world with a generous, articulate and very conscious heart."
—Leigh Curran, Founder/Artistic Director of Virginia Avenue Project

"This is a very beautiful and deeply felt work. Stephanie is right on with the content: nurture those little souls and they will bloom!"
—Candace DePuy, Phd, psychotherapist

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