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The Story of A Helping Handbook --
When A Loved One Is Critically Ill

After my father Stanley died, his pulmonologist, Dr. Rex Jung--who became a dear friend to our entire family--urged me to use my dad's inspirational poetry to create a book that would be of use to others who faced the illness of a loved one. After consulting with doctors, chaplains, social workers and grief counselors, I wrote A Helping Handbook--When A Loved One Is Critically Ill.

Initially, I published 500 copies. Then, Kaiser Permanente ordered 1,000! That was when I realized that this small book could provide large comfort, so I published another 5,000 and distributed them to hospices and hospitals nationwide.

I always wanted to make the book available for immediate use, which is why it is a free download on my web site. It is also available as a soft-cover book and a Kindle on Amazon, so you can buy a few copies to give away.

Whether personally or through a friend, it is a sad truth that at some point we will all know someone who is seriously ill. A Helping Handbook--When A Loved One Is Critically Ill, though deceptively simple, can provide comfort during stressful times, even after someone dies.

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